Charlottesville Landscaping and Pruning

Charlottesville landscaping and pruning is just one of our specialties at Reynolds Contracting.  Several weeks ago, we were contracted to install a new footer for a residential addition. There were a few large trees around the property, and we wanted to be careful to protect the landscaping while we worked.

Charlottesville landscaping and pruning 1

Due to their age and size, some of the trees had vast root systems.  One tree in particular had roots that were near the site of the new footer.  In order to preserve the tree and also complete the job, we knew we would need to trim these roots.  Ripping them with a backhoe or excavator would have damaged the tree badly or could have killed it completely.  We used an air chisel to uncover and clean the roots, so that later, we could delicately prune the roots of this massive tree.

Charlottesville landscaping and pruning 2

Charlottesville landscaping and pruning gets no finer than this!  Our attention to detail sets Reynolds Contracting high above the rest. For a caring Central Virginian construction company committed to preserving your property while improving your home, call Reynolds Contracting 434-293-6724 today!

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