New Construction Helical Piers

Reynolds Contracting offers foundation repair and helical installation as the AB Chance certified dealer for Central Virginia. It might come as a surprise that not all of our foundation projects are repair work. Many helical jobs are for new construction, preparing a site for building in one way or another. New construction helical piers are a great investment and proactive measure to protect your property for many years.

We recently had the opportunity to install helical piers on a new home site in the Charlottesville area. The builder found trees and stumps as crews were digging the basement. Building on organic material like this can lead to huge problems down the road. Foundations may seem sturdy at first, but as the trees and stumps begin to decompose, the soil and your home will begin to settle. The builder contacted us for an estimate on a helical solution to strengthen the soil and solidify the foundation.

When we estimate a helical job, we take measurements and tests to give the most accurate scope of work. Choosing an experienced contractor like Reynolds Contracting also helps ensure accuracy with an estimate. As an AB Chance certified dealer, our crews have been trained and tested on the Chance products and installation method. Each member of our team must re-qualify every two years to maintain our good standing as a certified dealer in the Chance Alliance network.

We also use the highest quality products from American-made AB Chance helical systems. So we stand behind our product and installation, confident in the quality and performance of each pier and anchor we install. You can confidently rely on the products we use and the professional installation we provide. When your foundation is settling, don’t settle for inferior products or installation!

The Chance foundation system provides solutions for so many home repair needs. Remember, helical piers can be used for new or existing structures. If you are about to begin building, consider new construction helical piers for a variety of challenges! Contact Reynolds Contracting, the AB Chance certified dealer in Central Virginia, for an estimate!