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Winter weather can slow down home improvement projects, especially when earthwork is covered with several inches or even feet of snow!  But foundation repairs and helical pile installation can be done year round.  These projects are great for winter and can usually be completed quickly.  Reynolds Contracting specializes in Charlottesville foundation repair solutions – read on to find out more!

One interesting characteristic of foundation problems is that oftentimes the root of the problem is not always evident in the same place as what you can see happening to your home.  In other words, a problem with the foundation footer may expose itself as a problem with your roof line.  You might see a problem with the roof of your house and the issue is actually with the footer you can’t see.

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In the case of the photos here, this chimney had no footer, and the result wasn’t apparent at the bottom of the chimney, but at the top – where the chimney had begun to pull away from the house.  So it is important when inspecting your home’s foundation to also look at the roof, siding, and other parts of the house to make sure the foundation is not causing damage to less-obvious structures or features of your home.

Here, we installed an angle iron, which was needed due to there being no footer under the chimney.  The angle iron could bear the weight of the chimney and keep it from becoming displaced.  Once the angle iron was supporting the chimney, the chimney would stop pulling away from the house!

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Reynolds Contracting is the certified distributor for Chance Helical piles in the Central Virginia area, making us the experts for Charlottesville foundation repair solutions.  Call us today for an estimate for all of your foundation repairs and structural improvements around your house.

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