Charlottesville Pipe Repair

At Reynolds Contracting, we specialize in a variety of earthwork services for residential and commercial repair, as well as new construction.  One facet of earthwork services covers Charlottesville pipe repair.  On jobs like these, our experienced crews work together with other contractors like plumbers to off our clients the best possible solutions for your home.

A longtime client of ours called us recently with a problem in their water lines. They identified a leak that was causing them to lose thousands of gallons of water every month, and had isolated the problem to one specific section of plumbing.

We worked inside the home with a jackhammer and confirmed the source of the leak. Teaming up with a plumber, we capped everything off and redirected the pipes. When the pipes were connected and secured, we backfilled the area and patched the concrete.

It was a pleasure to work alongside another contractor on this project to solve this water leak.  We have made great contacts in the construction industry and have trusted tradesmen we can call to bring you the best team for your job.  Together, we were glad to help this client save money on water and protect the property in the future from water damage.  For all of your Charlottesville pipe work, call us at 434-293-6724 and we’ll give you an estimate!