Creek Bank Erosion Control

At Reynolds Contracting, we specialize in earthwork and pond repair. On a recent job, we combined our experience and talents to repair a creek bank that had suffered from erosion. Proper water management eliminates many problems; Reynolds Contracting makes water-damage prevention easy when it comes to creek bank erosion control.

Creek Bank BEFORE: The eroded bank was a safety concern, as the edge could break off if someone got too close.

Erosion Leads to Safety Concerns

On this recent project, the creek had a really bad switchback in the natural water flow. Over time, the water had eroded the bank and would continue to wash the bank away without intervention.  The primary concern was safety, as the bank could break off if you got too close to the edge.  We were called to correct the existing erosion and prevent future problems due to the bank washing away.  Our solution involved re-grading the bank at the switchback, as well as installing construction fabric and riprap.

Protecting the Bank from Further Erosion

As with many jobs, we focus on preventative measures to eliminate problems in the future.  Here, we worked to protect the bank from further erosion.  We cut slope back to a 3 feet horizontal distance for every foot of rise to the slope. This gentle grade acts to resist erosion, conserving the bank for years to come. – photo with level; photo on 1/8 grading; Additionally, we installed construction fabric to keep the water from washing away dirt.  Without the fabric, water would likely wash out the underlying soil from beneath the riprap.  Furthermore, the riprap helps to dissipate the water as it’s flowing and helps to protect the fabric – all working together to protect the integrity of the bank and prevent erosion later on.

Creek Bank Erosion Control

Now that these preventative measures are in place, the creek bank is safer and more secure.  Thanks to our creek bank erosion control, the switchback is also more aesthetically pleasing.  We would love to help you with your water management needs, from creek banks to dam repair, from downspout drainage to driveway runoff.  Contact Reynolds Contracting today at 434-293-6724 for an estimate on all of your erosion control needs!