Culvert Crossing Pipe Sleeving

Reynolds Contracting specializes in general contracting for residential and small commercial properties. Our expertise ranges from earthwork to foundation repair.  One of our more popular services is pipe work, including culvert crossing pipe sleeving. We recently completed this type of job on a local driveway.

On a local driveway, an old culvert pipe was rusted out.  This happens whenever metal sits in water – it corrodes!  Water went over the bridge in last couple of big rain storms and washed all the dirt away from under the driveway.  The pavement structure of the driveway was the only thing holding the road up.  We were able to use a technique called pipe sleeving to solve the problem.

Pipe sleeving involves inserting a new pipe into an old pipe.  This technique is especially useful in areas where removing the old pipe would be costly or could cause greater damage.  In this case, removing the old pipe was out of the question, due to the structure of the culvert and bridge.  So we inserted a new pipe into the existing pipe without much disruption.

Of course there was a gap between the new pipe and the old pipe.  We filled the void around the new pipe with grout.  The white clips pictured served as a way to center the pipe in the middle of the old pipe.  With these in place, we could pump an even layer of grout around the entire pipe. This method also ensures good placement within the old pipe.  It improves the longevity of the new pipe, as it is not directly touching the old pipe at all.

Once the pipe was set, we filled in the space between the old and new pipes with concrete.  Three truckloads later, the new pipe was secure inside the old pipe.  This culvert crossing pipe sleeving was a success!  Do you have a similar problem on your property?  Call Reynolds Contracting for an estimate today!