Quality Concrete Work

Reynolds Contracting specializes in quality concrete work, with well-trained and experienced concrete crews to repair or improve your home. We also provide concrete work on new construction for residential and small commercial properties. Our featured project here comes from an older home in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The home was built more than 50 years ago, and the concrete driveway was of the same vintage. All of the concrete was originally installed in the 1950s. Concrete is designed to last a long time and continues to cure and harden for months or even several years. This home’s concrete driveway held up well for many years, until the property needed a new sewer line cut.

The contractor hired for the sewer line came in and had to cut the driveway to install new pipe for a sewer clean out. Once the new pipe was in place, the contractor did not repair the driveway, but left it unfinished.  We were not involved in the initial construction or sewer pipe installation.

Of course the homeowner couldn’t leave their driveway unfinished, so they called us to help. We patched the concrete, taking care to preserve the aging sections. To increase its strength, we installed steel dowels in the old concrete. This will prevent settling, lifting, or separating from the new concrete patch.

Our experience and technique ensure a long lasting product the homeowner will use and enjoy for many years. For a trusted company that specializes in quality concrete work, contact Reynolds Contracting today at 434-293-6724!