Top Quality Foundation Repair

Reynolds Contracting is the AB Chance certified dealer for the Central Virginia area. We specialize in top quality foundation repair with products that are well-researched and developed using the industry’s highest quality materials. Using the Chance helical system, we can improve your property for years to come. Our experience ranges from foundation repair to waterproofing […]

Foundation Repair FAQs

When it comes to foundation repair, there are a lot of misconceptions that a knowledgeable contractor can clear up.  We’ve put together a few foundation repair FAQs to help you navigate this industry and guide you toward a solution to your home’s foundation needs. What is foundation repair? Foundation repair has a variety of applications […]

Experience Installing Helical Piles

Charlottesville is no stranger to growth, and new housing developments are cropping up all over the city. We were recently contracted by a builder to install helical piles for a new home in eastern Albemarle County on Pantops Mountain. As the AB Chance certified dealer in Central Virginia, we have years of experience installing helical […]

Charlottesville Helical Foundation Repair

Reynolds Contracting proudly serves as the AB Chance Certified Dealer for Charlottesville Helical Foundation Repair.  We provide top quality products, installed by expertly trained crews, for solid, long-lasting results.  In one case featured here, we used helical piles to repair a settling foundation and stair-step crack in an exterior wall. Unusual Depths This particular home […]

Central Virginia foundation experts

We recently had the opportunity to work on a house built around 1900. This older home in Staunton had no foundation, which was not uncommon for the era. Unfortunately, the building codes of the early 20th century did not hold up very well. Over more than 100 years, the house needed modern repairs that will […]

Helical piles solve deck problems

As Central Virginia’s certified AB Chance helical pile dealer, we routinely see homes that need repair, whether the house has settled, the basement has cracked, or the soil for new construction has proven to be unstable for building.  On a recent project, we faced a different problem – one that is not uncommon, but maybe […]

Helical Piles Solve Settlement Issues

Helical piles help homeowners in a variety of ways.  The AB Chance Foundation System we use is very versatile and can be used in new construction, renovations, sagging, cracking – the list goes on and on!  On this job, we see that helical piles solve settlement issues during a home renovation. This house has three […]

Renovations using Chance Helical Piles

As the AB Chance Certified Dealer for Central Virginia, we are the area’s foundation experts on new construction and existing repairs.  In  some cases, we work on renovations using Chance helical piles.  We recently installed 11 helical piles on a home undergoing renovations in the Charlottesville area. The homeowners were adding a second story over […]

Central Virginia AB Chance Helical Pile Certified Installer

We recently completed a foundation repair that included helical pile installation on the interior of a home.  The homeowner noticed a stair-step, vertical cracking in the cinder block basement wall and called us – Charlottesville’s #1 foundation solution!  We proudly serve as the Central Virginia AB Chance Helical Pile Certified Installer, using only the best […]

Central Virginia Helical Pile Installer

Since 2011, we have been the Central Virginia helical pile installer for AB Chance foundation systems.  Over the past 5 years, we have seen many of the same problems, and also some unique situations that keep things interesting! Earlier this year, we installed 19 helical piles on a residence in the east end of Charlottesville.  […]