Gordonsville Concrete and Sod Installation

Reynolds Contracting specializes in a variety of construction services, including earthwork, foundation repair, landscaping/hardscaping, and more in the Central Virginia area.  With our expertise in Gordonsville concrete and sod installation, we recently helped a family in the final stages of their new home construction. First, we poured the front sidewalk.  This new concrete sits next […]

Carport Foundation Installation

Reynolds Contracting offers a variety of residential and small-scale commercial services, ranging from concrete and earthwork to foundation repair and hardscaping. We’re often able to combine our expertise in more than one area to provide a job well done from start to finish. In one case this fall, we completed a carport foundation installation, combining […]

Central Virginia foundation experts

We recently had the opportunity to work on a house built around 1900. This older home in Staunton had no foundation, which was not uncommon for the era. Unfortunately, the building codes of the early 20th century did not hold up very well. Over more than 100 years, the house needed modern repairs that will […]

Hiring a Decorative Concrete Contractor

So you’re ready to start on your next home improvement project.  You’ve come to love the look of stamped concrete and want to add a charming new walkway around your house.  The next step is hiring a decorative concrete contractor. Why should you consider hiring a contractor on something simple like a sidewalk?  Usually, it’s […]

Quality Concrete Work

Reynolds Contracting specializes in quality concrete work, with well-trained and experienced concrete crews to repair or improve your home. We also provide concrete work on new construction for residential and small commercial properties. Our featured project here comes from an older home in Charlottesville, Virginia. The home was built more than 50 years ago, and […]

Helical piles solve deck problems

As Central Virginia’s certified AB Chance helical pile dealer, we routinely see homes that need repair, whether the house has settled, the basement has cracked, or the soil for new construction has proven to be unstable for building.  On a recent project, we faced a different problem – one that is not uncommon, but maybe […]

Central Virginia AB Chance Helical Pile Certified Installer

We recently completed a foundation repair that included helical pile installation on the interior of a home.  The homeowner noticed a stair-step, vertical cracking in the cinder block basement wall and called us – Charlottesville’s #1 foundation solution!  We proudly serve as the Central Virginia AB Chance Helical Pile Certified Installer, using only the best […]

Historical Renovation with Helical Piles

At the end off 2016, we were on the Grounds at The University of Virginia, assisting in an historical renovation with helical piles.  The University of Virginia is renovating Brooks Hall, an academic building which houses the Department of Anthropology. Built between 1876 and 1877, Brooks Hall is somewhat of a mystery.  The 19th Century […]

Charlottesville Crawl Space Solutions

At Reynolds Contracting, we enjoy working with homeowners on a variety of projects.  Especially when it comes to Charlottesville crawl space solutions, we offer a range of services to cater to a large number of needs. Sometimes we work on new construction, which is fun to be there right at the beginning of making a […]

Charlottesville helical piles and underpinnings

As an A.B. Chance certified dealer, we specialize in Charlottesville helical piles and underpinnings. You can count on us when your home’s foundation begins showing signs of a problem. We work with clients to avoid foundation problems, but sometimes the issues are preexisting or too far along to be avoided. Particularly in older homes, many […]