Charlottesville helical piles and underpinnings

As an A.B. Chance certified dealer, we specialize in Charlottesville helical piles and underpinnings. You can count on us when your home’s foundation begins showing signs of a problem. We work with clients to avoid foundation problems, but sometimes the issues are preexisting or too far along to be avoided. Particularly in older homes, many homeowners walk into existing problems or are unaware of poor structural engineering from years ago.

On one recent job in the Charlottesville area, we installed 9 helical piles under deck posts along the back of a house. Being the certified helical dealer in Central Virginia, we receive only the best materials and the finest training on foundation repair. Here, the footing had failed or was not present, and the deck was no longer structurally sound.


Under the deck, the concrete slab and underlying dirt had settled significantly. We underpinned the deck posts with helical piles. After installing the helical piles, we poured concrete over the dirt and around the helical piles. Then we tied it all together with rebar to lock everything in place. Our expert concrete crew made the new surface smooth to match existing patio.


Remember, 95% of foundation repairs are caused by roof water or groundwater/runoff from poorly graded areas. In older homes especially, water could have been running toward your foundation for a long time — leaving you with a major problem.  We’d be happy to take a walk around your house with you to see where the water travels when it rains. Then we can make suggestions about how to divert the water away from your foundation to avoid problems in the future.


Trust us as the only certified AB Chance dealer specializing in Charlottesville helical piles and underpinnings. Whether you are looking to avoid foundation problems or you already know you have a problem on your hands, contact us 434-293-6724 today for a consultation!


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