Central Virginia Driveways with Geotextile Fabric

Reynolds Contracting specializes in earthwork services, including excavation, site clearing, grading, drainage solutions, and final site preparation for both residential and small commercial properties.  We employ some of the best heavy equipment operators in the business to ensure top quality earthwork in any application. In this week’s post, we feature Central Virginia driveways with geotextile fabric.

A Great First Impression

Before your guests enter your home or see your landscaping, your property has already made a first impression. As soon as someone turns down your driveway, they can get an idea of your home and property. So making a great first impression with your driveway is a must! Make sure your driveway doesn’t reflect poorly on you or your home. Use a liner like a geotextile fabric to ensure a good first impression for your first guest or 100th guest years from now.

Benefits of Geotextile Fabric

A driveway may seem like a simple installation, but preparation and procedure can affect its longevity.  By starting with good excavation, you will have fewer problems with erosion and water runoff.  On top of the dirt, geotextile fabric will extend the life of your driveway considerably.  The fabric, sandwiched between the dirt and the stone, prevents potholes, reduces settlement, and keeps the dirt from showing through the stone if stone becomes displaced.  Laying the fabric smoothly on top of a nicely graded path helps tremendously in the long run.

Don’t Cut Corners

Of course, using a geotextile fabric adds some cost to the project’s bottom line.  It could be tempting to skip it altogether to save money on the material.  But with an application like this, the fabric could save you $100’s or $1,000’s over time.  Consider the cost of repairing settlement or refilling potholes every few years.  Or what about the cost of adding more stone?  Without the liner, traffic could eventually drive the stone into the dirt, exposing the dirt and creating a muddy mess.  Adding stone would only be a bandaid fix, but a costly bandaid!

When planning your next driveway project, whether for home renovation or new construction, plan to include a geotextile fabric liner installed by a professional.  Projects like these require expertise in earthwork and excavation. When properly installed, a driveway can last for many years. For Central Virginia driveways with geotextile fabric, call Reynolds Contracting 434-293-6724!

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