Central Virginia Grading and Sod Installation

As part of our earthwork services, we are the Central Virginia grading and sod installation specialists! This project had several stages of earthwork, due to the preparations needed for sod and other components to be installed.

First, the homeowner wanted a patio off of the house, so we dug out an area and filled it with stone. We used fabric underneath the stone to help stabilize the sub grade underneath the finished surface of the patio. We also added crushed stone and compacted it to minimize shifting, sinking, and erosion.  Later, the homeowner will add pavers themselves to finish the surface, saving on cost.

The homeowner was also adding a shed to the backyard. Before it was delivered, we needed to create a footprint for where the shed would be placed.  We put in a gravel pad for the foundation of the shed, using the same technique and products we used for the patio subgrade mentioned above (with the fabric and compacted, crushed stone).

Once the shed was delivered, we worked on grading the yard and preparing for sod. Installing sod is similar to painting, in that you want to adequately prep the surface for the best overall look of the finished product. Like sanding is important in painting, grading is important for sod!  Poor grading in a yard will make for a bumpy ride on your lawn mower, potentially create puddles or pooling in a big rain, or contribute to erosion due to mismanaged water run-off.

After the grading was finished, we were able to lay the sod. We love sod because of the instant finished product that you’re able to enjoy right away.

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