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We love to be part of bigger projects that have multiple contractors working together, each contributing their own expertise and skill.  On this recent construction project, we were one of a few contractors working on a residential addition. As a Central Virginia water management specialist, we had a critical role in the basics of this project.  Our main contributions included installation of new, larger downspout drains and water management with foundation drains around the house.

Proper installation of downspout drain pipes is critical to the water management around your home.

Downspout drain pipes connect to the downspouts of a home’s gutter system.  These drain pipes allow rain water from the roof to exit away from the building’s foundation.  Otherwise, the downspouts dump water right next to the foundation, which will always cause foundation problems in the future.  The downspout drain pipes here travel through the crawl space and connect to a bigger pipe.  This particular roof has so much surface area that we needed to account for a lot of water potentially draining out of the downspouts.

Water management requires expert pipe work and earthwork – and Reynolds Contracting specializes in both!

Oftentimes, we see a large roof with an insufficient gutter system.  The more surface area you have, the more downspouts you need.  Roof drain pipes connect to downspouts, which then connect to the downspout drain pipes – when installed correctly, the system all works together for efficient water management. We did not install the downspouts on this project, but we were able to estimate how to handle the roof water with consideration to the extra surface area of the addition.

A good gutter system will have effective downspout drain pipes and foundation drains to ensure efficient water management.

With the downspout drain pipes in place, the water moves into a foundation drain.  A base layer of stone will collect any surface or subsurface water and send it into perforated pipe.  Water then goes into the holes in the pipe and follow the pipe out.  Our goals were simple:

  1. Keep the ground around the foundation dry;
  2. Keep the soil underneath the footing from settling;
  3. Keep the crawl space drier to prevent mold.

When you need a Central Virginia water management specialist, call Reynolds Contracting.  We provide earthwork services, including pipe work and foundation consultations to keep your home dry and problem-free.  Contact us today 434-293-6724 for an estimate on your next project!

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