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Reynolds Contracting offers a variety of residential and small commercial contracting services. While certain types of jobs we offer are weather-dependent, others can be performed year-round, in rain or shine. Winter can be a great time for foundation repair, especially carbon fiber installation. As Central Virginia’s carbon fiber experts, we work with homeowners and structural engineers to improve homes with cracking or bowing basement walls.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is an extremely strong and durable fabric-like product. We apply it in strips with epoxy to cracking or bowing walls, usually in a basement. The strength of the strips reinforces the wall and holds it in place, preventing further bowing from any mounting pressure from the outside. Homeowners will often choose carbon fiber strips because they are cost effective, require no heavy equipment, and can last a long time. Plus, they can be applied in any time of year and can be applied relatively quickly.

External Pressures

One of our new clients discovered cracking and bowing in his basement wall. On our initial site visit, we saw that the crack was 5 feet up from the floor, which would be 6 inches to 1 foot below ground level. This indicated that the soil surrounding the house was retaining moisture. Sustained for long periods of time, wet soil creates a lot of pressure due to the extra weight of water within the dirt. This is a common problem when roof water collects around the base of your house. If water isn’t given a place to go, it will settle around the foundation or seep down into the basement.

What’s Next?

In this case, the soil against the basement wall became saturated. The extra weight and pressure from the soil outside caused the wall to crack and bow. Our client made the excellent home-improvement investment of carbon fiber strips to reinforce the wall to withstand the pressure from outside. We also installed crack monitors to check for any possible movement in the future. If we see movement later, we can address drainage issues with excavation, or possibly suggest additional foundation repair solutions.

As Central Virginia’s carbon fiber experts, we have been able to save our clients headache and financial burden with a simple, cost-effective solution to cracking and bowing basement walls. Call 434-293-6724 to see if carbon fiber strips could be the right solution for you!

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