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As one of Central Virginia’s premier hardscaping contractors, we offer services in driveways and other specialized earthwork.  Hardscaping adds aesthetics as well as functionality to your property.  Sometimes, there are quite a few steps to making a hardscaping project fully come together.  The project featured here has been in progress for a few months, in order to provide a solid, quality parking court and driveway at a Charlottesville residence.

Driveways and parking lots are built layer upon layer to ensure proper drainage and stability.  Here we installed a layer of fabric under the base layer of stone.  The fabric helps smooth any imperfections in the subgrade.  It is also an added structural element that keeps the above layers of stone from migrating into the lower layers of soil.  We recommend fabric on many jobs like this one.

Central Virginia's Premier Hardscaping 1

After the fabric is laid, we added a layer of stone as the base for the driving surface.  For more structural support, we used a tamper to compact the stones.  This step reduces the risk of stone settlement and shifting.  We take time to carefully execute each step in the process.  We have seen the benefit of patience and care that produces a finished project that will last a long time.

Central Virginia's Premier Hardscaping 2

After the base layer of stone has been compacted, we began to lay permeable pavers to the surface of the parking court.  As you can see, our crew has left a space in between the rows of pavers.  Later, the space will be filled with pea gravel.  The idea here is to create a drainage system at all layers of the parking court – from the base layer of stone to the actual finished surface – so water can penetrate the surface easily.  This technique will prevent standing water or erosion problems in the future.

Central Virginia's Premier Hardscaping 3

For Central Virginia’s premier hardscaping, look no further than Reynolds Contracting.  Hardscaping is a great off-season project, so contact us today 434-293-6724 for an estimate!

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