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We recently provided earthwork for a local children’s summer camp. As the Charlottesville area earthwork experts, we specialize in residential and small commercial excavation, pipe and drainage solutions, and other earth moving services.  This project came to us during the middle of the summer, peak time for the camp that operates several sessions all summer long.  We had to work quickly and efficiently to finish quickly with the least amount of disruption around the camp.

Locating the Problem

Camp owners and counselors initially noticed a fairly large amount of water coming out of the ground. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that an old drain pipe was not draining properly and was backing up into undesirable places. Dirt and roots had clogged the pipe, and the pipe was broken or had collapsed in places.

We replaced the pipe with a stronger, longer-lasting pipe. In the new ditch, we put new gravel to allow for better drainage. And we gave the water a place to go, directing the pipe and therefore handling water flow better than before.  As we’ve seen before, water flow and management around your property is instrumental in maintaining the function and structural integrity of your property.

Maximizing Our Efforts for a Long-term Solution

In the same ditchline, we also put in new pipe to catch roof drainage and downspouts.  We didn’t want our efforts with the original pipe replacement to be wasted; if the roof drainage was contributing to the problem, water would continue to collect in this section of the camp.  Additionally, we saved the camp money by using the same ditchline and replacing the roof drainage and downspouts at the same time as replacing the old pipe.  Now the ground drains effectively and can be used by campers and camp staff without a slippery, muddy mess.

Projects like these are so fulfilling and allow us to use our gifts and talents in rewarding ways. We love working with businesses and non-profits to provide safe, useful spaces for the community. We hope that the campers had a great experience at camp this summer.  When you need Charlottesville area earthwork experts, contact Reynolds Contracting at 434-293-6724!

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