Charlottesville Driveway Improvements

Reynolds Contracting offers a wide variety of services, including earthwork, foundation repair, pond repair, hardscaping, and golf course renovation.  Our earthwork service is inclusive of many applications of excavation, grading, and more.  With our expertise in this area, we offer Charlottesville driveway improvements to make your property more functional by creating more space, fixing problems, or better managing water flow around your property.

Making your property work for you

Earlier this fall, we completed a job for a homeowner who lives on a busy road in Charlottesville. This high-traffic thoroughfare makes it difficult or nearly impossible to back in or out of the driveway, particularly at rush hour.  While this driveway was already wide enough for two cars to park side by side, it was not big enough to allow anyone to turn around in order to exit the property more easily onto the busy road.

Reynolds Contracting can help!

The homeowner asked us to make an addition to the driveway to remedy the problem.  We added a turn-around pad off to one side of the existing driveway. This extension makes it possible to turn around and face the right direction to easily come in and go out of the driveway.  The new spot is also big enough to park two cars side by side, creating more space for guests or other family members to park when necessary.  This simple extension added much more function and accessibility to this property!

Working together

Our work here included excavation and grading to make the pad level, with consideration and accommodation for drainage.  Another company will come later to pave the spot.  We always want our finished product to speak for our integrity and quality work.  While this project was not completely done, our portion was finished with the greatest care and completion to make the work easy for the next contractor to come in and put on the final touches.  We work regularly with other earthmovers, concrete companies, pavers, and others to give you the best possible outcome on any of your home improvement projects.

Charlottesville driveway improvements are some of our favorite projects because we can see improvements to the property so quickly.  And that is one of our main goals: to improve your property quickly and as easily as possible so that you can enjoy it!  We strive to create more functional, more beautiful spaces to let your property work and shine.  Call us today 434-293-6724 for an estimate!

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