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Reynolds Contracting is experienced in quality earthwork services in the Central Virginia area. For Charlottesville grading solutions, look no further!  Our professional crews work diligently to provide the best outcome for your home improvement needs.  On one recent project, we improved a side entrance to a residence with grading, downspout drains, and retaining walls.

Water: The Enemy

If you have followed our blog for any length of time, you know how much we emphasize water management. Mismanaged water creates more problems with foundations and erosion than any other factor.  We wanted to eliminate water problems here from the beginning of the project.  Initially, we graded the front yard of the property, taking full control of water drainage around the house.  We installed downspout drain pipes to manage water runoff from the roof and gutters.

Erosion Control

Next, we needed to manage water and erosion around the basement door on the side of the house. On either side of the door, the ground sloped toward the entrance, which was washing away.  We built retaining walls to replace the slopes on both sides. Not only will this eliminate erosion, but it also offers a charming entrance to the side entrance of the house.

Quality Retaining Walls

Retaining walls present the perfect solution to erosion problems, if installed properly. Creating a retaining wall requires several layers of construction.  First, the dirt must be graded properly to begin installation.  We backfill with gravel between the soil and the wall to prevent the wall from collapsing.  Then, we use a construction-grade fabric that lays behind the wall to separate the gravel and the soil.  Without the fabric, the soil would eventually bleed through the wall, and compromise the integrity of the wall.  Every step of the way, we have the longevity of the project in mind.  Taking time and care with each layer will help your investment last for many years.

Functional Solutions

Finally, we added concrete steps to the walls, creating a gentle transition from the front yard to the side entrance.  This project not only solved an erosion problem, but also created a more functional space for the homeowners to use regularly.  Sod will come next, putting the finishing touches on the project.

When it comes to Charlottesville grading solutions, Reynolds Contracting’s experience offers quality, long-lasting home improvements.  Whether you need erosion control or want to enhance your property’s aesthetics, we can create a solution to fit your needs and your budget.  Contact us at 434-293-6724 for an estimate today!

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