Charlottesville Hardscaping and Concrete Repair

This spring we were able to combine our professional expertise with community service.  A delivery ramp at a local school was in need of repair. Reynolds Contracting is the answer for any Charlottesville hardscaping and concrete repair – our concrete specialists were able to provide a smart, reasonable solution on this project to ensure safety and functionality for years to come.

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Originally, a metal rail had been installed into the concrete ramp.  At one time, this material may have been more affordable or more aesthetically pleasing that other options.  The concrete, however, had begun to break up over time.  The metal railing became loose and unstable.  Not a good situation for deliveries being made regularly!  A temporary solution had been put in place by another contractor with a thin wooden railing, but the concrete remained in disrepair.

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Our solution was to replace the wooden railing with a more permanent, sturdy railing.  We enjoy woodworking, and often use wood in our hard scaling projects. Here, this material will adjust to changes in humidity and temperature more closely to the concrete.  Long term, this pairing will hold up nicely and provide a solid structure for this school.

We also patched the places in the ramp that had been damaged.  These spots were where the metal railing had been installed into the concrete.  So our expert concrete team was able to patch the concrete that had broken up.  The final product looks smooth and polished, and serves as an effective path for deliveries to be made.

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We are proud to have been a part of this project.  Not only was it fun to come up with an effective solution for this unique problem, but it was also rewarding to help the community by repairing this portion of the school.  It is always interesting to combine two or more of our services, and this job was no exception.  Combining the wood railing with the concrete patching, we were able to display our versatile talents and abilities.

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