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We recently installed helical piles at a house in Crozet.  After all, Reynolds Contracting is your answer for Crozet foundation services. This particular job was an interesting project due to the timing of the construction on the property.

Crozet foundation services

Ultimately, there would be a house and adjacent retaining wall.  The builder built the house first, leaving the retaining wall needed to be added later.  As it turned out, the spacing between the house and the wall was not right.  We were contracted to work with the builder and a structural engineer to secure the house foundation while the excavation for the retaining wall was to be done.

We often install helical piles for new construction, and are very familiar with residential foundation repair.  This job had elements of both, even though the house was already in the process of being built.  This job is just another example of the many uses of helical piles.  The house had no foundation problems yet, but the piles were a preventative measure due to the amount of work that needed to be done for the wall.

We installed seven piles to secure the foundation while they do the wall excavation.  The piles will provide the homeowner peace of mind and give the wall contractor confidence to do the necessary excavation.  Because we are Central Virginia’s certified helical pile dealer for A.B. Chance, our product is second to none, and our expert team has countless hours of training and experience installing helical piles.

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