Driveways: Part 1

If you have been following our Winter Projects series, you will remember that we offer snow removal services for a limited number of clients.  But more than just plowing driveways, we can also make them!


Whether you are beginning new construction or want to improve curb appeal to your existing home, Reynolds Contracting can create or redirect traffic pathways on your property.  Similar to site clearing, driveway installation and renovation is one of our areas of service that is possible to complete during the off-season.


One of our current projects is interesting to highlight as a good example of both site clearing and driveway installation.  This particular client bought a 21 acre lot and plans to build a new home within the next 8 to 12 months.  Initially the lot was thickly wooded, but once the house site was determined, we were able to begin clearing a path that would eventually become the entrance to the property.


Check back later for our next post to learn more from owner David Reynolds on a specific technique we used to install this new driveway!

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