Hardscaping with Functional Retaining Walls

Reynolds Contracting offers general contracting services in the Central Virginia area for residential and small commercial properties. Our services vary from earthwork to foundation repair, from golf course renovation to hardscaping. For our hardscaping customers, we provide functional retaining walls, steps and walkways, patio installation and repair, and more. On a recent project, we installed a retaining wall to provide structure, as well as curb appeal, to a Charlottesville home.

Landscaping versus Hardscaping

Hardscaping adds attractive features to your property beyond the living elements of landscaping. Reynolds Contracting can improve your home structurally or enhance your property aesthetically with a variety of hardscaping elements. The homeowner requested an estimate for a retaining wall to reduce erosion and to add charm to the edge of the property. We proposed a 4’ segmental block wall along the right side of the driveway with an attractive taper into the yard at each end.

How Functional Retaining Walls Take Shape

We began the project by removing the existing shrubs from the site. When the bank was cleared, we excavated a subgrade trench and backfilled the subgrade with 21-A stone. As we continued to backfill the subgrade, we used a plate tamper to reduce soil shifting and settlement. We installed a polyfilm plastic film under a filter fabric, in addition to a Hydraway® drainpipe, to maximize drainage potential. The wall started to shape up nicely, and we continued to backfill with 57 stone.

Putting on the Finishing Touches

When we reached the wall’s maximum height, we completed the backfilling and finished with a final tamping. We installed masonry caps on top of the wall for a polished, decorative finish. Behind the wall, we regraded the topsoil and prepped the area for sod. On the last day, we installed two pallets of sod and cleaned up with jobsite. Our goal is to always leave a site better than we found it! Our professional crews work diligently to finish well, down to the final detail.

Hardscaping is such a versatile addition to any property. Whether you need a functional retaining wall, a calming water feature, or a beautiful walking path, Reynolds Contracting can help make your property dreams a reality. Call 434-293-6724 for an estimate in the Central Virginia area.

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