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Reynolds Contracting is the A.B. Chance helical pile distributor for Central Virginia.  Our certification includes residential repair and new construction foundation solutions.  We had the opportunity to install helical piles on the site of a new home in the Charlottesville area.

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So many times, we see foundations fail and require helical piles to secure the home’s base.  There are a few factors that can have a negative effect on your foundation.  Soil can have a great impact on how a foundation will hold up over time.  In this case, the builder worked alongside soil engineers to determine the quality of the soil before laying the foundation.  They discovered the soil on this property was terrible.  It was an area with lots of topsoil – good for vegetation, but bad for structures!  The property had previously been a waste site.  The soil was loose, shifted easily, and changed drastically under damp conditions.  This can be devastating to a foundation.  Remember the Leaning Tower of Pisa?  The lean is a result of poor soil quality!

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Of course the homeowners don’t want to have worldwide fame for their leaning house…  So they were smart to take preventative measures before pouring their foundation.  Securing the soil also secures their foundation.  The home will have a much more solid foundation with these helical piles.

Whether your existing home is the next famous leaning structure or you’re about to begin building, Reynolds Contracting is your best bet for foundation repair and new construction foundation solutions.  Contact us today 434-293-6724 for an estimate!

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