Underpinning with Chance Helical Piles

Reynolds Contracting offers a variety of foundation repair solutions using AB Chance helical products and methods. Chance-certified installers provide the highest level of service in the industry! Our team of experts uses only top-quality, Chance-certified products that are strong and effective. Underpinning with Chance helical piles is one of the most common and successful solutions we offer to address foundation sinking and settling.

On a recent project, a homeowner called us because she noticed her kitchen window wouldn’t open properly, suspecting her foundation had settled. Our estimators visited the property to investigate the problem and formulate a solution. As a Chance-certified dealer, our estimators and our installation crews are all trained in the Chance method, streamlining the process with cohesive communication and consistent application from beginning to end.

Finding a Solution

Upon our initial site visit, we diagnosed the problem as a settling corner of the home’s foundation. We proposed two helical piles, one on either side of the corner, to lift, support, and strengthen the foundation on that side of the house. To install the helical piles, we excavated two 3×4 foot holes on either side of the corner of the house. These holes extended to the bottom of the footing, made possible by using a mini excavator. We stockpiled soil on site for use later in the project.

When we were ready to begin installation, we used a machine mounted rotary hydraulic motor. This device allows us to reach the correct depth and torque for each pile. We wanted to jack up the settled section of the home’s block foundation, closing the gaps as much as possible without causing further damage. Overall, we were able to jack up the corner of the house about 2 inches, allowing the kitchen window to open easily.

Why Chance?

Using a Chance-certified dealer insures high-quality, long-lasting results. We proudly serve as the Chance-certified dealer for residential and small commercial properties in the Central Virginia area. Our crews are well-trained and recertified every two years, which sharpens our skills and provides our customers with confidence in our work. The Chance helical system and foundation repair products are guaranteed for 30 years and can be passed on to the next homeowner if you decide to sell the home.

Once the piles were installed, we backfilled the holes along the footer where we had excavated, using the stockpiled soil. To create a polished look, we finely graded the area, seeded, and strawed all areas that had been disturbed. As part of the Chance network, we strive to provide quality service and professionalism throughout the entire project, following through to the very last finishing touches.

When choosing a contractor for your foundation repair, call a Chance-certified dealer. We stand by our high-quality products and effective solutions, like underpinning with Chance helical piles. For the AB Chance-certified dealer in Central Virginia, contact Reynolds Contracting at 434-293-6724 today!

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