Carport Foundation Installation

Reynolds Contracting offers a variety of residential and small-scale commercial services, ranging from concrete and earthwork to foundation repair and hardscaping. We’re often able to combine our expertise in more than one area to provide a job well done from start to finish. In one case this fall, we completed a carport foundation installation, combining our foundation, concrete, and hardscaping services.

The homeowner contracted us to install the foundation for a carport addition to the property. Carports can be an inexpensive way to add cover for vehicles or other property (i.e. boats, RVs, etc.), rather than building a full garage or storage barn. However, carports are sometimes not as structurally sound as a garage due to the open-sided design. As with any tent or the like, a carport could find its way off the ground with large gusts of wind. And the wind does not discriminate – this could happen with even the most elaborate or heavy duty carports if they are not secured to the ground properly.

In the Central Virginia area, hurricanes cause large amounts of rain and wind from time to time. We knew this carport project would need to be effectively installed with precautions for the weather, particularly wind. For this application, we used a bolt set for a Simpson Strong Tie bracket, where the 8×8 carport posts will sit.

The bolts were centered and aligned, which will serve as uplift restraint in case of hurricanes or other large amounts of wind. After the bolts were installed, we were confident to pour foundation blocks for the post footings. These steps may seem insignificant at first, but the upfront time and cost of these details will save the homeowner money and headache in the long run. This product application is a good way to ensure his carport stays put, rather than flying away and crashing in his neighbor’s yard.

We were fully satisfied with the final outcome of this project. The homeowner can go on to install the carport knowing that the addition to his property is secure and stable, thanks to Reynolds Contracting. If you have been considering a carport, consider the benefits of a solid carport foundation installation. Contact Reynolds Contracting 434-293-6724 for an estimate on your carport project!

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