Central Virginia Dam Repair

Reynolds Contracting specializes in earthwork and pond renovation, among other residential and small commercial contracting services.  Our experience and reputation make us the top choice for Central Virginia dam repair.  On one recent project near Woodville, Virginia, we repaired and improved a dam that had multiple problems from faulty construction many years ago.

Dam Doomed for Erosion

At the initial creation of the dam, the outlet pipe was laid too flat, without a slope toward the pond.  The pipe ended 10 feet above the surface of the water.  In the event of a big storm or sustained rains, water flow from the pipe caused tremendous splashing and water displacement.  Someone previously built a stone wall to catch the water and make a gentler flow from the pipe to the water 10 feet below.  However, the wall had settled a whopping four feet, allowing water to run behind the wall and back into the dam.  This deteriorating and ineffective wall was the source of troublesome, imminent erosion.

To compensate for a ten foot drop from the end of the pipe to the surface of the water, a previous solution included a stone wall.

The Strategic, Cost-Effective Solution

We began by siphoning water out of the pond.  We took the wall out and replaced it with rock and riprap, much of which was reused from breaking up the existing structure.  The rock and riprap will catch the water flowing from the pipe, allowing for a much gentler drop down from the pipe and entrance for the water to go into the pond.  Without the huge splashing from the pipe to the old wall, the threat of erosion is minimal now.  Reusing the broken up wall was also a considerable cost savings!

We siphoned water from the pond using a quick and efficient method, getting us closer to a finished project in record time!
Breaking up the existing wall, we carefully preserved the stone to reuse in the new rock and riprap solution.

Preventing Future Erosion

We installed a woven filter fabric under the riprap to prevent the soil underneath from eroding underneath the rock.  In any job, our primary goal is to create long-standing solutions and prevent any problems or further decay to the best of our ability.  This project is no exception – cutting corners by omitting the fabric may have saved money up front, but would have added costly repairs in the future when erosion would have swept away the soil.

Underlaid with fabric, the rock and riprap provides a much better way to catch the water without eroding the dam.
The rock and riprap looks more natural than the stone wall, providing not only a more effective solution, but also a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Call Reynolds Contracting for Central Virginia Dam Repair!

At the completion of the project, we were pleased with our rock and riprap solution.  With seed and straw, this dam has a fresh look with a solid foundation that should last for years to come.  Call us for all of your Central Virginia dam repair needs! Contact 434-293-6724 and one of our estimators will be in touch.  We look forward to working with you!

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