Charlottesville Earthwork and Excavation

At Reynolds Contracting, we offer quality, professional services for residential and small commercial properties.  We specialize in Charlottesville earthwork and excavation, particularly relating to water control and drainage.  We recently regraded a yard for a homeowner who was having trouble with water flow around her property.

For this specific home, the problem started off site.  It’s possible that your property is being affected by other circumstances beyond your area of ownership, which was the case here.  A retaining wall separated this property from the neighbor’s.  Water was cascading over the retaining wall from the neighbor’s property.  Waterfalls and features can add considerable charm and pleasing aesthetics to your property – but not in this instance!  This type of water could cause a domino effect of landscaping and foundation problems down the road.  We don’t believe it was causing problems for the neighbor, but it was definitely troublesome to our client.  Without disrupting the neighbor’s property, we were able to solve the problem with excavation to redirect the flow of water once it reached our client’s property.

Additionally, we wanted to best control the water and solve any problems that were originating on our client’s property.  This way, we minimize the potential threat of erosion or foundation settlement by directing ALL of the water, whether it flows from an internal or external source.   On our client’s property, we saw the need for downspouts to collect and direct roof runoff from the gutters.  Adding downspouts allows you to masterfully take water completely away from your home’s foundation, which is critical to the longevity of your investment. We polished off the project with sod installation for a finished look.

When you see water gathering around your property, you know it’s time to call Reynolds Contracting. Be watchful the next time you get a lot of rain and see where the water flows.  Eliminating water problems will prevent bigger problems in the future. We offer Charlottesville earthwork and excavation for a wide variety of properties, and would be happy to provide an estimate to improve yours.  Give us a call at 434-293-6724 today!