Gordonsville Retaining Walls

Reynolds Contracting specializes in many contracting services, from foundation repair to earthwork.  Our crews are experienced in excavation, as well as drainage and water management.  In addition, we also offer hardscaping services.  Hardscaping differs from landscaping: landscaping refers to living elements like grass, shrubs, and trees; hardscaping refers to structures and non-living elements like rocks, walls, walkways, and water features.  Hardscaping can enhance the aesthetics of your home or provide a functional benefit to your property. Gordonsville retaining walls combine excavation, hardscaping, and water management – all areas of excellence for Reynolds Contracting!

One of our spring projects added a retaining wall and drainage improvements to an existing home.  The home needed new downspout drains, which will help direct water as it runs off the roof.  Properly installed downspout drainpipes play a critical role preserve the integrity of your foundation. (As mentioned in previous posts, water is the #1 cause of foundation cracks and basement leaks.  Early diagnosis and repairs of mismanaged water can help you avoid costly damage and foundation repairs in the future.)  The homeowner here made a wise choice to redirect water away from the foundation now, extending the life of the home by many years and offering peace of mind!

In addition to drainage improvements, the homeowner also needed a retaining wall installed.  In this case, the retaining wall will keep soil from washing to a patio.  Hiring a skilled earthwork contractor like Reynolds Contracting ensures that the retaining wall will be installed properly and will be a safe structure on your property. Because of our experience in both excavating and hardscaping, we are the perfect choice for retaining wall installation.

For Gordonsville retaining walls, call Reynolds Contracting at 434-293-6724 – the area’s expert in earthwork, excavation, and hardscaping. Our estimators will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  We offer virtual visits amid COVID-19 concerns and are happy to provide contactless site visits upon request.