Gordonsville Retaining Walls

Reynolds Contracting specializes in many contracting services, from foundation repair to earthwork.  Our crews are experienced in excavation, as well as drainage and water management.  In addition, we also offer hardscaping services.  Hardscaping differs from landscaping: landscaping refers to living elements like grass, shrubs, and trees; hardscaping refers to structures and non-living elements like rocks, […]

Gordonsville Concrete and Sod Installation

Reynolds Contracting specializes in a variety of construction services, including earthwork, foundation repair, landscaping/hardscaping, and more in the Central Virginia area.  With our expertise in Gordonsville concrete and sod installation, we recently helped a family in the final stages of their new home construction. First, we poured the front sidewalk.  This new concrete sits next […]

Reynolds Contracting has moved!

Reynolds Contracting has moved! One of our greatest dreams has always been to build a new home and office – a dream that is now becoming a reality!  At the end of July, we sold our home of 21 years, which had also served as our office since Reynolds Contracting began in 2011.  Construction on […]

Louisa County Earthwork and Site Clearing

louisa county earthwork and site clearing

From our beginning, Reynolds Contracting has offered excavation, site clearing, grading, drainage solutions, and final site preparation for both residential and small commercial properties.  Recently, we have been working with a client in Gordonsville, extending our services to Louisa County earthwork and site clearing. This particular client is clearing a site for their new home.  […]

Client Testimonials reveal the best in Charlottesville construction

Over the past 5 years, we have had the privilege of working with great clients, including homeowners, builders, and other professionals in the construction industry.  Some of the best jobs have come from referrals and word-of-mouth advertising.  Client testimonials are very important to us and the future of the company, and we appreciate all of […]

Committed to Quality to 2016

Cville Pond Repair

2015 has been a great year for Reynolds Contracting!  We have grown as a company in more ways than one.  Our projects offered new challenges and unique opportunities to develop and refine our skills.  We learned new techniques, met new clients, and continued on our mission to provide professional, outstanding work in all seven areas […]

Gordonsville Residential Foundation Services

Gordonsville Residential Foundation Repair

Reynolds Contracting is pleased to offer Gordonsville residential foundation services.  A town with a rich history, Gordonsville is a fun place for us to work!  Many residences in Gordonsville have unique historical value, some more than one hundred years old.  These homes have a story to tell, and in many cases, so do their foundations.  Over decades […]