Benefits of Raised Beds

Fall is officially here, with lower temperatures and holidays just around the corner. But it is not too early to be thinking about spring. Planning out next year’s garden can start now! Raised beds offer a few unique benefits when vegetable gardening or planting decorative landscaping.

Control Soil Quality

Raised beds offer the ability to control the quality of your soil. Fill your raised beds with the appropriate combination of nutrient-rich soil, fertilizer, and compost for specific plantings. Different plants have different nutritional needs from the soil – acidity can affect your harvest and clay soils can limit growth of many shrubs and trees. Fill each bed with soil specific to each plant’s needs.  We can also add filter fabric on the inside of the boxes, keeping dirt from escaping between the side boards.

Easily Plan and Weed Your Gardens

Raised beds make planning out your garden a breeze. Square foot gardening is one gardening technique that uses raised beds in conjunction with a grid system. Easily keep track of crop rotation and minimize the need for seed thinning with square foot gardening. Say goodbye to the laborious task of weeding on your hands and knees. Weeding raised beds is much easier, elevating the job. Raised beds also limit the growth of weeds and make them more visible.

Improved Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Reynolds Contracting offers hardscaping services that improve your property’s aesthetics. Raised beds provide function and curb appeal season after season. Enjoy the benefits of raised beds while also improving your property’s value and charm.  Paths in between the beds make opportunities for a stroll among your beautiful garden.

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