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Charlottesville and the surrounding areas are part of the beautiful Piedmont region of Virginia, with picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views from the rolling mountains. The beauty has its drawbacks, however, when it comes to home construction in hilly subdivisions and creative home placement in some neighborhood developments. Water run-off becomes a problem very quickly, and can result in foundation issues and other nightmares for homeowners over time. But with Reynolds Contracting, Central Virginia drainage solutions are just a call away!

We recently helped a homeowner save their crawl space with an affordable solution to their drainage problems. The house was built in a neighborhood with a very hilly landscape. Positioned downhill from the road, the home was receiving all of the drainage and runoff from the road. As the water came down to the house from the road, it was collecting in the home’s crawl space.

As an affordable solution, we created a shallow trough at the base of the house, lined with a rubber liner to collect the water. We installed perforated pipe wrapped in gravel to aid in the water collection. Not only did this save money over excavating or other earthwork solutions between the road and the house, it also saved their yard, grass, and landscaping.

Once the trough and pipe installation was complete, we back-filled the area with topsoil for replanting. The water will now collect in the trough instead of in the crawl space.

Before we were finished on this job site, there was one other area that needed attention. The water from the road was washing down the driveway toward the sidewalk. We cut the asphalt driveway and installed a channel drain to catch the water run off.

In all, the water around this property is being effectively managed and directed away from the house. We were pleased with the final outcome in this tricky situation. For Central Virginia drainage solutions, where the mountains are beautiful but lend to some interesting home management issues, call Reynolds Contracting today at 434-293-6724.

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