Central Virginia Water Management Solutions

Reynolds Contracting offers construction solutions for residential and small commercial properties in the Central Virginia area.  We offer a wide variety of services, like earthwork and foundation repair.  Many of our services are either a response or a preventative measure to a water management problem.  In today’s featured project, water strikes again!  But not to worry – Reynolds Contracting offers Central Virginia water management solutions you can count on.

This project features a window well at a townhouse, where all of the units are attached. Maintenance crews installed waterproofing on our client’s window well – but not on her neighbor’s.  The adjacent window well was letting water in, causing major problems for our client.  She contacted us for an estimate, in which we were able to diagnose the problem and offer a cost-effective, long-lasting solution.

When you contact Reynolds Contracting for an estimate, we only get a brief sense of the project over the phone.  Usually, we will schedule a meeting with you to see the project in person.  If the project requires other professionals, like a structural engineer or landscape architect, we have good relationships with several experts in the area to provide you with the best team for the best outcome.

Next, we will put together a price estimate, including time and materials required to complete the job. Our estimators apply their experience and knowledge of the construction industry to offer you the best solution at the best price.  Many times, we can provide a higher level of service because of our combined experience, and avoid some of the headaches of a DIY project gone wrong.  We will work with you to make the project affordable, but also professional with a high quality end product.

Once the homeowner accepts our proposal, we schedule a mutually agreeable time to begin the project. Here, we began by installing a sump pump with drainage pipes away from the building.  Then we added a gutter and downspouts to the roof above the window well. We also poured a concrete patio to force water away from the house.  The combination of all these solutions should provide a dry window well for many years!

For any Central Virginia water management solutions, contact Reynolds Contracting at 434-293-6724.  We’d be happy to give you an estimate and work with you to improve your property for years to come.

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