Residential Drainage Improvements

Reynolds Contracting offers general contracting services in the Central Virginia area. We specialize in earthwork and excavation, including residential drainage improvements with pipework and grading. On a recent project in Keswick, we helped a homeowner replace old downspout drainpipes and redirect waterflow away from the home’s foundation. Not only does Reynolds Contracting offer earthwork services, […]

Residential and Small-Commercial Foundation Solutions

Reynolds Contracting proudly offers foundation repair services in the Central Virginia area. We are the AB Chance certified dealer for Charlottesville and Albemarle County. (For more details on our service area, please visit our About Us page.) Our experienced crews provide underpinnings, tiebacks, helical piles, and other residential and small-commercial foundation solutions. On this featured project, […]

Foundation Repair with Helical Piles

Reynolds Contracting offers foundation repair services for residential and small commercial properties, using AB Chance helical system and products. On this featured project, we were contacted to repair a residential foundation in the Charlottesville area. The one-story home was built in the 1950s with a partial basement and crawl space. The homeowner had noticed stair-step cracks […]

Cold Weather Foundation Repair Projects

As the weather turns colder, work slows for many landscaping and construction companies – but not for Reynolds Contracting! We offer earthwork, foundation repair, pond repair and renovation, golf course repair and renovation, and hardscaping in the Central Virginia area. Many of these services can be completed year-round, particularly cold weather foundation repair projects. On […]

Earthwork with Hydraway®

At Reynolds Contracting, we offer top-quality, innovative contracting solutions for residential and small commercial properties. Our services include earthwork, foundation repair, hardscaping, pond repair, and golf course renovation in the Central Virginia area. We recently completed a project in Greene County featuring earthwork with Hydraway®. On this project, we improved the drainage around the foundation […]

Drainage Solutions with Retaining Walls

Reynolds Contracting specializes in hardscaping services in the Central Virginia area. Hardscaping adds functional features to your property beyond the living elements of landscaping. Our experienced team can improve your home structurally or enhance your property aesthetically with retaining walls, steps and walkways, patio installation, and more. As grading experts, we offer drainage solutions with […]

Earthwork and Foundation Repair Services

Reynolds Contracting offers a wide variety of general contracting services in the Central Virginia area. From earthwork to foundation repair, from pond reconstruction to golf course renovation, our crews have solved many problems for homeowners and business owners alike. As often as possible, we use our experience in one service combined with our knowledge in […]

Proper Water Management with Hydraway®

For earthwork services in the Central Virginia area, trust Reynolds Contracting. We offer grading and drainage solutions using the highest quality products and the industry’s most innovative methods. On a recent project, we focused on improving drainage for proper water management with Hydraway. These improvements prevent erosion, foundation damage, and other costly destruction caused by […]

Channel Drain Installation

Reynolds Contracting offers general contracting services for residential and small commercial properties in the Central Virginia area. Our expertise extends from earthwork and excavating to foundation repair and hardscaping. We provide innovative solutions with the industry’s highest quality products, and we look to improve properties with preventative measures to avoid costly damage. On a recent […]

Dam Repair and Riprap Renovation

Reynolds Contracting offers earthwork and excavating services in the Central Virginia area. Our experienced crews specialize in grading and erosion control, as well as pond renovation and repair. On a recent project, we completed a dam repair and riprap renovation in eastern Albemarle County. Our client had a pond with a riprap outlet channel, which […]