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Reynolds Contracting proudly offers foundation repair services in the Central Virginia area. We are the AB Chance certified dealer for Charlottesville and Albemarle County. (For more details on our service area, please visit our About Us page.) Our experienced crews provide underpinnings, tiebacks, helical piles, and other residential and small-commercial foundation solutions.

On this featured project, we worked on one of the Pavilions at the University of Virginia. These original buildings were constructed between 1817 and 1826 as part of UVA’s Academical Village on the Lawn. University faculty and senior administrators use the Pavilions as their primary residences, as well as hosting classes, to live and work among the student body. One of the Pavilions was showing its age, and a structural engineer recommended foundation repair with helical piles to strengthen the overall construction and prevent any shifting over time.

After reviewing the structural engineer’s plan, we began preparations to install four helical piers. We excavated 2 holes for the 2 piers on the parking lot side of the building, accounting for all utilities and addressing the soil conditions. We encountered several large roots and many rocks as we dug each hole, so we had to take extra care to break up these obstacles with an air compressor. Once the holes were clear of obstacles, we could begin drilling the piles. Inside the garden, we used even finer precision to hand-excavate two more holes for another two piers.

Why Choose Chance? Reynolds Contracting is one of 500 certified installers within the Chance Alliance Network, North America’s largest network of foundation repair experts. Chance installers provide dependable, engineering-based solutions for a wide variety of applications. When you choose Reynolds Contracting, you choose a company with years of foundation repair experience and hundreds of hours of training specifically from Chance. Each member of our crew completes a certification course and is tested on the course material to qualify for recertification every two years.

Additionally, Chance products are the best the industry has to offer. Chance brand helical piles are proudly manufactured in Centralia, Missouri with the highest quality standards. Reynolds Contracting stands by our product, fully believing a Chance helical pile installation will be strong and effective. Our foundation repairs are backed by Chance’s 30-year, transferrable warranty, and by choosing superior Chance products, you can avoid repeat repairs in the future.

We loved being a part of this foundation repair and using Chance products to protect this historic building from damage in the future. Whether your project is new or old, we can help! With the Chance system, we have residential and small-commercial foundation solutions for a variety of needs. Call 434-293-6724 for an estimate in the Central Virginia area.

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