Charlottesville Drainage Solutions

Reynolds Contracting is a leader in the small construction industry.  For Charlottesville drainage solutions, we offer top-quality excavation as we solve grading problems for homeowners and businesses alike.  Our crews are experienced in a variety of related services, like earthwork, foundation repair, and landscaping, to give our clients a thorough, multi-faceted approach to problems around the home.  Many problems can be complex and are often related to other issues on your property.

Water Problems

On a recent project, there were several factors that were all contributing to a major problem for a local homeowner.  The slope of the yard pointed downward toward the backside of the house. Water inevitably ran directly at the house each time it rained, as gravity pulled it down the slope.  The crawlspace of the home was 3” above finish-grade, so with every rain shower, the crawlspace vents would flood. Of course moisture was an immediate problem due to mess and mold, but foundation problems were certainly in the future if something was not done soon!

Because our estimators are experienced with both earthwork and foundation repair, we were able to diagnose multiple problem areas and propose a plan to eliminate several issues with one solution.  We installed a drain to collect the water before it reached the base of the house. Downspout drains are critical to directing water as it flows down and out of the gutters, so we installed several from the existing gutters here. Diverting downspout drains AWAY from the house are a MUST.  Otherwise, water will continue to collect at your foundation and eventually cause cracks, leaks, and other costly problems to your home.  

Comprehensive Answers

Next, we backfilled the excavated area all the way to the top of the new grade with gravel, so that water could get to the pipe at a faster rate. Because of our grading and excavation experience, we could anticipate how much gravel to use and how the end product should look.  We were able to avoid foundation problems for this homeowner in the future, having seen the damage done to other homes if problems are not fixed soon enough or well enough.

When it comes to Charlottesville drainage solutions, choose Reynolds Contracting, a trusted company that offers earthwork services and quality foundation repair. We give clients a comprehensive answer to complex problems around the home based on years of experience in a variety of services.  Contact us today for an estimate from one of our experienced, professional estimators!

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