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Reynolds Contracting specializes in earthwork, including water management and drainage. We proudly offer the best in Charlottesville earthwork solutions, having decades of experience and knowing how to choose the best products for each specific application. Unfortunately, many problems we see could have been avoided in the first place if a builder or initial contractor would have used a good product, rather than cutting small costs with an inferior product.

On this particular project, we were regrading a yard in eastern Albemarle county. Not surprisingly, we found the typical black corrugated pipe that is used frequently as a cheap drainage pipe.  This black corrugated pipe is so often the source of erosion, settlement, or foundation problems. This time, the pipe had become entangled in the roots of this tree. As a result, the pipe was not effectively draining and was also damaging the tree.

Charlottesville earthwork solutions
Gasp! The black corrugated pipe was a nightmare for the homeowners and this tree! Reynolds Contracting offers Charlottesville earthwork solutions to remedy this problem. We were able to safely move the tree and replace the pipe with a better product.

Of course, the pipe would have to be replaced and water management reconfigured to properly drive water away from the house. We look at many factors when replacing pipe, including slope, distance, and cost. Too many builders use the black corrugated pipe because it is the cheaper option — cheaper UP FRONT, that is. But when you calculate the cost of a foundation repair or large landscaping overhaul to replace the damaged or ineffective pipe later, the savings just doesn’t add up.

For a superior alternative, we use SDR35 sewer pipe for drainage. Comparing costs, a black corrugated pipe is around $0.60 per foot, while the SDR sewer pipe is a little more than $1.00 per foot. “Go with the cheaper pipe,” they said. “It will be fine,” they said. Well, that is never the case! For example:

If you are laying the pipe 200 feet, the corrugated would cost $120.00. For the same distance, the SDR35 sewer pipe would cost $200.00. So you save $80.00 up front. But major costs later due to the cheaper pipe do NOT justify this minor savings in the beginning.  Corrective earthwork or foundation repairs can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.  Not to mention the headache of having to deal with such major problems!

If you discover black corrugated pipe on your property, contact us to replace it right away! The corrugated pipe will not last and the problems associated with poor drainage will significantly in foundation repairs or other major fixes down the road. For all of your Charlottesville earthwork solutions, call us today at 434-293-6724!

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