Driveway Improvements and Renovations

Reynolds Contracting offers a variety of general contracting services in the Central Virginia area. We specialize in earthwork and excavation, including driveway improvements and renovations. On a recent project this fall, we helped a property owner whose existing driveway was overgrown, eroded, and badly in need of repair.

We began the project by taking a few final measurements and locating the marked utility lines. We pruned some of the bushes and trees that would not be pulled out. As we made our way down the length of the driveway, we continued to clean up the overgrowth and downed trees. We prepared the subgrade for stone, fine grading the driveway surface and shoulders to allow for adequate drainage. We were able to have several loads of stone delivered and spread within the first couple of workdays.

This driveway required several pipe-crossings to act as culverts to channel water under the driveway through the hilly terrain. All seven pipe sections were backfilled with 21A stone in even, compacted lifts. Once the pipes were installed under the driveway, we focused on the subgrade in segments. We would grade a section, then roll out fabric, and cover with stone. This methodical excavation may seem tedious, but proper preparation will limit erosion and water runoff over time. Along the way, we checked the stone depth to maintain an average of four inches.

If we had not used a filter fabric, we would have needed to use more stone to achieve an average depth of six inches. This additional stone would have added considerable cost to the project due to the price per load. The fabric will also provide stability and improve drainage, extending the life of your driveway considerably. The fabric prevents potholes, reduces settlement, and keeps the dirt from showing through the stone if stone becomes displaced. It may seem like an insignificant step, but we believe a filter fabric is a must!

Once the stone was in place, we graded a final time on the top surface and used a smooth drum roller to compact the stone. We established drainage ditches along both shoulders, and we seeded and strawed all areas we had disturbed in the excavation. We hope the property owner will enjoy their new driveway improvements and renovations for years to come!

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